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If you’re an aspiring nurse, 你可能听说过HESI考试, a competency test that you’ll need to pass as part of being admitted into most nursing programs. 这个考试测试你的基本阅读能力, vocabulary and grammar, and sciences such as math, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and physiology. 

HESI代表健康教育系统公司, which is a company that helps nursing students prepare for licensure exams. The HESI Admissions Assessment (HESI A2) has been created to calculate your academic readiness to engage in the rigors of nursing school, and to let you know what areas you need to strengthen to set you up for success in your program.

The HESI A2 covers a lot of topics you’re familiar with, but it can still seem daunting. 如果你对吃药感到紧张, plan ahead and take advantage of the many preparation tools available and listed below to support you in passing it. 

Things to know about the HESI A2

  • How it works: HESI A2分为四个部分, and can have over 300 questions that cover nine areas of study. You’ll typically be given four hours to answer all questions and should read every one carefully as you go through it. There’s no universal pass or fail grade on the HESI; but note that each school has its own requirement. At Alliant, 我们要求词汇和阅读成绩达到78%, and a 72% grade in biology and anatomy/physiology to be admitted into our nursing programs. 
  • How to prepare: Remember that most of the subject areas you’ll be tested on may be familiar, but if you want to brush up, 有很多免费的资源你可以利用. You can start by taking a Quizlet 练习考试或免费的HESI样题 You can get a free 30-day trial that includes practice exams by creating an account at 或使用免费的练习考试 become HESI prep or the HESI A2 Practice Test. 如果一款应用更符合你的风格,你可以选择免费版 Apple Nursing School Pocket Prep app or the 安卓护理学校口袋准备 app. 每个包括1475个HESI练习题. And if you prefer a book, your community library can be a great resource as it’s likely to have HESI review books available.
  • Tips for success: You can take the sections of the exam in whatever order you prefer, so you can complete the hardest or the easiest sections first to manage your time. 既然你可以多次参加考试, you can consider the first round a preview or intelligence-gathering exercise and plan to ace the test the second time. However, 你在365天内只能参加三次考试, and Alliant requires you to wait 60 days before retaking it. 

And remember: the HESI A2 is one indicator of your future success in passing the NCLEX exam, 你必须通过哪些考试才能拿到护士执照. Think of it an assessment tool rather than a test; one that can help you focus your studies and strengthen any weaknesses so that you can become the best nurse you’re capable of be.

当你准备好参加HESI A2考试时, 联系Alliantbeat365手机版官方网站顾问. 我们会一直支持你的. 

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